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My C​omputer M​an​


Prices and On-Line Payment

A remote service call is just $49.95* 

billed in 30 minute increments

Call us now and let's give it a try remotely. 


A note about Remote Services:   

TeamViewer has simplified RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), in windows. Our Business Version of Team Viewer ensures safe and secure connections for our customers.  

If we can't fix it remotely, there is no charge for the session.

An on-site service call is $129.90 for the first hour

and $49.95 for each 30 minutes after the first hour. 


New! Easy Check-out

IT Services

1/2 Hour Remote $49.95

+ $10 RDP Charge.

Price: $59.95​

IT Services..

IT Services

1 Hour Remote Service $99.90

+ $10 RDP Char​ge.

Price: $109.90

IT Services

IT Services

1 Hour On-Site Service $129.90

Price: $129.90

IT Services.

IT Services

1 1/2 Hour Residential On Site Service

Price: $179.85

IT Services.

IT Services

1 1/2 Hours Business On Site Service

Price: $194.85

IT Services.

IT Services

Connection Charge 

Price: $25.00

IT Services.

IT Services

Dollar multiplier for an Incremental Amount 

Price: $1.00

Incremental Multiplier.